11. Private Pool Villa 7-Bedroom


4. Boran House |65 sqm on 2 floors | Main pool view | 3 Bedrooms | Large private pool with kid area | Kitchenette, bar and dining area on ground floor | 3 bathrooms with bath and shower

We found this 160-year old traditional Khmer house in the countryside near Damdek, some 50 km from Siem Reap. The original configuration with a large balcony-verandah on the front has been respected. The elegant 3-tier roof and the quality of hardwood is a testimony of the richness of Cambodian architectural traditions in pre-colonial times.

As with all our projects of rehabilitation-repurposing of Cambodian traditional houses, this one involved a) carefully taking apart the original structure, b) transportation to our site, c) new design adapted to hotel unit specification, replacement of damaged pieces, new interior walling for better sound and temp insulation.

In recognition to its old age and style, we call it Boran House, meaning ‘Ancient House’ in Khmer.

The large adjacent private pool with its cascading waterfall can be privatized for Boran House, or shared with the Pond Villa West guests.,


5. Pond Villa West | 90 sqm x 2 floors | Fish Pond and countryside view | Large Private Pool with kid area | 4 Bedrooms | 2 Terraces overlooking the pond | 4 Bathrooms with bath and shower


The wood and brick elegant building hosts four large (45 sqm) bedrooms, all with king size beds, two per floor. They can be booked for individual occupancy or for group stays and family trips.  

The large adjacent private pool with its cascading waterfall can be privatized for this villa, or shared with the Boran House guests.


You can book Houses 4. and 5. together: 7 bedrooms, accommodates 18 adults and 7 children.


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